Fresh blog post ideas for UK blogs: August 2023

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Let’s get cracking with the blog posts for topics that your UK target audience are searching for in August.

In this blog post, I set the scene for what I predict people will be searching throughout August in the UK, so you can get cracking on the right sort of blog posts.

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fab blog post ideas for UK bloggers August 2023 - breaking waves on cloudy day

What topics are people searching for in August in the UK?

One important thing about planning blog posts is to try and guess what people are going to be searching for throughout the month. That way, you’ll be ready with something that hits the spot,

What’s the weather going to be like throughout August 2023 in the UK?

The weather is always a hot topic of conversation in the UK, regardless of whether it’s hot outside. We’re famous for it: too hot, too cold, not enough rain, too much rain. As our weather is so variable, that directly impacts how people search in Google. And a keyword searcher isn’t necessarily going to help with that.

In 2022, we had a long and glorious summer. People we searching for how to cool down, things to do in the heat, how to occupy the children when it’s hot etc etc.

However, the weather in August 2023 promises to be very different for us in the UK. Whilst the rest of Europe and also North America bask in record high temperatures, it’s a bit, well, chilly and wet in the UK as I write this at the end of July. It’s good for green grass, but not the best for staycations.

And the bad news is that when I look at the long-range weather forecast for the UK for August, it doesn’t look like we’re going to have a gloriously hot August like last year. Instead, it seems to be shaping up for a good-old fashioned British summer, with temperatures under 20o, a bit overcast and rainy.

Cost of living, high inflation, interest rates…

The cost of living, high inflation, ever increasing interest rates, are all things that Brits are worrying about this summer of 2023. It’s in the back of the mind, and influences the choices we make, and the topics we search for in Google.

Unless you’re running a personal finance niche blog, it’s probably not something you’re going to want to dwell on. But it’s definitely something to be aware of when you write your blog posts.

Remember how all of a sudden adverts on TV showing parties made us feel uncomfortable in the height of the pandemic, and how seeing images with face masks has a similar effect now.

You don’t want to be out of step with how people are thinking, otherwise they’ll bounce right off your page. So bear in mind that money may be a bit tight at the moment, but still provide inspiring, entertaining and useful content in your blog posts.

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21 great topics for UK bloggers that are right for August 2023

cloudy day at a sandy beach in August

Here are some fresh ideas that are well adapted for UK blogs for August 2023:

5 Weather-related blog ideas for August 2023

  1. How to spend a day in London in the rain without spending much money!
  2. What to wear in August when the weather won’t make its mind up
  3. Lots of fun things to do on a rainy day in August in [your area]
  4. Top things to do at the beach when it’s a bit chilly
  5. Why we secretly like cooler days

5 Off to uni/Back to school blog post ideas for August 2023

  1. 10 fun ways to celebrate GCSE / A Level Results
  2. Off to uni: Top tips for parents and students to navigate the big change
  3. Off to uni: The best cookbooks for freshers with easy, economical [vegan] recipes
  4. Off to uni: What do freshers actually need to take with them?
  5. Back to school without the stress

5 lifestyle blog post ideas for August 2023

  1. How to have some quality down time this summer
  2. How to get ready for back to school / back to work
  3. Why August is a great time to “spring” clean your home
  4. Threads: Is it the new Clubhouse or is it genuinely something new?
  5. How to de-stress and switch off over the holidays

6 travel niche blog post ideas for August 2023

  1. How to have some quality down time this summer
  2. Great budget-friendly days out with the kids
  3. Ideas for city breaks in the autumn
  4. 10 great destinations for your October half-term getaway
  5. 10 easy ideas for a last minute picnic
  6. Tips for really switching off while you’re on holiday

How to make the most of the summer lull

making the most of the summer lull as a blogger

July and August can be a bit quieter on social media, and you can put that time to good use by doing all the blog related jobs you’ve been putting off.

Here are 5 quick blog-keeping jobs you can do to “summer-clean” your blog:

  • Refresh, update, repurpose and republish old blog posts
  • Check all the alt texts for your images
  • Check all meta descriptions in your blog posts
  • Word search for 2020, 2021 and 2022 in WordPress, and update those blog posts to 2023.
  • Update your blog with some fresh images.

For lots more ideas, take a look at this blog post: How to make the most of the summer as a UK blogger.

And don’t forget it’s good to have time off, and relax. Make the most of sunny days!

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Great images for August

waves breaking on a beach on a cloudy day

Imagesare so important for blogs. Not only can you insert SEO-enhancing alt text for each image, but it breaks up a wall of text. It’s nice for the reader, and gives an overall vibe for your blog.

However, it can be hard getting nice images for blog posts that don’t look cheesy, and that you haven’t seen everywhere. Also, they need to have the right tones and colours for the UK. We’re not a Caribbean island!

Since I launched The Web Smith, I’ve had so many compliments on the images. Where do I get them from? I have subscriptions from Ivory Mix and Styled Stock Society. They both publish new photos all the time, and the photos of the beach in this post have just been released by Styled Stock Society.

I try not to spend much on plug-ins, but I do invest in photos. They really lift the page, and they have something for every season and every sort of climate. They’re also brilliant for those Pinterest pins!

Final thoughts

I hope that this blog post has given you lots of ideas for topics for your August blog posts. I also shared my secrets of where to find fab images that seem right for the UK, even if they’re from photographers in North America.

Once you get started, you’ll see there’s a lot to write about!

fresh blog post ideas that are great for August 2023 woman relaxing on picnic blanket in shade

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