Autumn 2023: 101 new blog post ideas UK readers will love

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If you’re looking for fresh ideas for blog posts for autumn 2023, you’re in the right place.

Traffic to blogs and social media always takes a bit of a drop over the summer months. It’s for the best of reasons. People are on holiday, and when they’re at home, they’re outside, enjoying time with friends and family, and making the most of the long evenings and wonderful weather.

In this blog post, I not only give you 101 new blog ideas that your UK readers will love this autumn. But I also talk about the importance of thinking about topics from the perspective of your readers, as autumn 2023 is a very different place from 2022.

PS. It’s a good idea to read this blog post in conjunction with this guide on creating your own strategic content plan. That way, you can create a content plan for your autumn blog posts that’s right for your blog strategy.

PPS. Here’s a handy list of UK bank holidays and awareness days that are popular in the UK.

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What UK bloggers should be writing about this autumn

woman in a sunhat reading a magazine by the pool on a summer holiday

How to engage readers after the summer slump

Every summer is the same in terms of engagement. People spend less time on devices and in front of a laptop, because they have better things to do. But they’ll be back at home and work before you know it.

Here’s how to write content they’ll want to read this autumn, when they’re ready to start Googling things in earnest again. Content that is relevant for them in 2023.

And don’t rely on ChatGPT for ideas about 2023, as ChatGPT is stuck in the same time as the image below, ie 2021.

My knowledge cutoff is September 2021, meaning I don’t have information on events or developments that have occurred after that time. I may not be aware of recent news, current events, or any advancements that have taken place beyond that date.
Answer by ChatGPT to my question: “When does ChatGPT’s knowledge end?”

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How autumn 2023 differs from 2022

throw back to a wedding under covid restrictions
We wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at this photo in 2021. Now it seems from another world.

How do you feel when you see the above image? It’s the sort of thing that was, sadly, common place in 2021. Now I certainly shudder when I look at the face masks. Too many bad memories. I want to forget about it.

It can be tempting to rehash last year’s content for this year, or rely on ChatGPT. Sometimes it works, but 2023 is very different from 2022, which in turn is different from 2021, when we still had to do Covid tests even to go to France! And socially distanced weddings still took place.

In the same way, content from another year can jar with readers when something fundamental is different. And I believe that is the case for UK readers in autumn 2023. AI has many uses, but it’s not up to date with the world as we know it. At the moment, at least.

Get your blog fit for autumn 2023 with basket of apples and autumn leaves

General themes that interest UK blog readers this autumn 2023

This time last year in the UK, we had the whole debacle with Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, and the disastrous budget. There were concerns about rising inflation, but everyone was confident that the rise in interest rates was just a blip due to political mismanagement, and the world as we knew it would soon return.

How wrong we all were. The official interest rate of the Bank of England has now breached the 5% barrier, which comes as a shock as apart from a short period from 2007-2008, rates have been below 5% since 2001. This has had a knock on effect on mortgage rates, which are now above 6%. Likewise, inflation hasn’t been consistently above 5% since the early 1990s, and the impact of the huge spike in inflation over the last year is now evident.

What does all this mean for bloggers and content creators? A whole generation of adults have not experienced high inflation or high interest rates as adults. This is taking a lot of getting used to, and something I predict that people will begin to search more and more for tips on decision-making in every niche in this new world.

With this in mind, I’ve incorporated some of this into my thinking for blog post ideas for autumn 2023. Don’t worry though, it’s not all a snore-fest of economics, and people will want to escape a little. But it’s something to bear in mind so you can avoid publishing the usual generic kind of posts.

FAQs about the timing of autumn in the UK

timing of autumn daylight savings end - clock on cosy blanket with autumnal colours

Here’s a useful set of facts about the timing of autumn in the UK for 2023. Click here for a full list of awareness dates and other important dates for autumn in 2023 for UK audiences.

1. Autumn lifestyle blog ideas

woman wearing short cowboy boots sitting on autumn leaves
  1. Is autumn 2023 the time to buy a wood-burning stove?
  2. Why we’re secretly relieved it’s now autumn.
  3. The best places to see the autumn “colour” for free in [insert location].
  4. How to give your home an autumn makeover, without breaking the bank.
  5. How to make the most of the autumnal seasonal bounty in your cooking.
  6. What I’m looking forward to wearing when it gets colder.
  7. Why the light of autumn is fantastic for taking photos outside.
  8. How to create the perfect window box with bulbs all ready for spring.
  9. Creative ways to use up pumpkins.
  10. How to set up bird feeders to help the birds get through winter.

2. Ideas for blog posts for the side income niche in autumn 2023

  1. Why setting up a blog is still a great way to earn a side income in 2023.
  2. Get economies of scale: why having multiple blogs is smart in 2023.
  3. Why advertising on your blog and website can harm your long-term ranking.
  4. Why Pretty Links is my go-to tool for affiliate marketing.
  5. 25 fresh ideas to earn additional income in your spare time.
  6. How to be successful at affiliate marketing on your blog this autumn.
  7. 7 steps to becoming a successful seller of Canva printables online.
  8. The ultimate guide to pet-sitting in the UK [or whatever your location].
  9. How to get started on Etsy.
  10. An easy guide to set up a website and blog to sell your [types of product]

3. Ideas for travel blogs in autumn 2023

woman looking at map
  1. Top 10 UK destinations for the October half term break.
  2. Why the British seaside is wonderful in autumn.
  3. The best parks in London for autumn leaves.
  4. The ultimate guide to out of season solo travel for women.
  5. Why maps are the first thing I pack.
  6. The best places to have a digital detox for your autumn break.
  7. What not to pack for an autumn break.
  8. Why and how I never check in luggage.
  9. Why it’s not too early to start thinking about booking next summer’s holiday.
  10. Top 10 things to do in [London – or any other place] for a solo / family / couple weekend break .

4. 10 ideas for social media bloggers this autumn 2023

  1. A guide to the new “netiquette” this autumn 2023.
  2. What does Threads tell us about social media?
  3. How to find the right voice for Threads.
  4. Pros and cons of Threads versus Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  5. Why the “casual photo dump” is so 2022.
  6. How not to use AI and ChatGPT.
  7. Why you can’t put all your eggs in one basket with social media platforms.
  8. Why social media bloggers should build their list of subscribers.
  9. Refresh your Instagram profile for autumn.
  10. Why now is the time to avoid trending audios on Instagram and TikTok.

5. 10 back to school blog ideas for parenting blogs

back to school on mini blackboard with apple and pencils

A big theme this autumn 2023 for parenting blogs is how to give children the opportunity to recharge their batteries and improve their mental well-being. Particularly in the post-pandemic era.

Here are 10 blog post ideas for the back to school of 2023.

  1. Which after school clubs are good for your child’s mental wellbeing?
  2. How to set up a second hand uniform sale.
  3. New family timetable printables for your fridge.
  4. 10 Down-time ideas to engage your children without screens.
  5. Start a bird identification log with your child, using free bird song ID apps to help!
  6. New fun books to reach to your child at bedtime.
  7. 10 creative activities for children that don’t make a mess.
  8. Why kicking autumn leaves are so much fun for children.
  9. What are the best after school snacks for your child?
  10. How to teach your children / teenagers essential personal finance skills.

6. Up-to-date blog post ideas for personal finance bloggers in 2023

Clearly the impact of inflation and coping with high interest rates are big topics for this autumn 2023, a year on from the “blip” after the Kwasi Kwartang budget.

  1. Inflation-busting ideas to help your finances this autumn.
  2. Why it’s important to shop around when your mortgage deal ends.
  3. How to find bargains online.
  4. Pros and cons of over-paying your mortgage before your rate rises.
  5. Which are the best platforms to buy and sell second hand items.
  6. How to adapt to a world of high inflation.
  7. Have the increase in interest rates made buy to lets less attractive for new landlords?
  8. Is it worth saving during a period of inflation?
  9. Stealth saving: 10 great ways to save without noticing.
  10. Is it better to pay off debt or save now interest rates are higher?

7. 10 energising health and well-being blog ideas for autumn 2023

pregnant woman in yoga pose
  1. Skincare SOS to smooth the transition from summer to winter.
  2. Tips for yoga when it gets colder.
  3. Which vitamins to take to fortify your body for winter.
  4. Safety tips for running when it’s dark.
  5. Why autumn is the best time for your face.
  6. Your new autumn morning routine to set you up for the day.
  7. Packed lunches that are delicious and full of full of vitamins.
  8. Simple techniques to de-stress and calm an over-active inner voice.
  9. 10 self-care techniques for the autumn.
  10. Why prioritising your needs is good for your relationship / family / career.

8. 10 topical blog ideas for the career advice niche

two women having a conversation at work
  1. How to negotiate an inflation-busting pay rise in 2023.
  2. When is a good time to have a career break to go travelling?
  3. Is it worth doing an MBA in 2023?
  4. 10 tips to kickstart your career this autumn.
  5. Does working from home damage your career?
  6. How to bond with work colleagues when you work remotely.
  7. Why it’s good to go into the office on a Friday.
  8. What are the signs you should start looking for another job?
  9. How to navigate working with people you don’t like.
  10. Why it’s never too late to change to a new career or learn a new skill. [Ed: I started blogging at 54!]

9. On-trend blog ideas for home interiors

sofa with an autumnal throw
  1. 10 clever storage ideas: How to hide all your stuff!
  2. How to make your home cosy on a budget.
  3. Why adding loft insulation is the smart thing to do to cut your energy bills.
  4. Tips to look after your wood-burning stove.
  5. Why wallpaper is a smart way of updating your home in 2023.
  6. 10 tips for a more sustainable home that don’t cost the earth.
  7. Home office set up: How to create the perfect place to work.
  8. How to style open shelves for autumn.
  9. How smart interior design choices can improve your wellness.
  10. The key bathroom trends for 2024 (stay ahead of the game!).
  11. How to monetise your flair for home interiors and create a side income.

Final thoughts

woman sitting on log surrounded by autumn leaves

It can be tempting to rely on AI for blog post ideas. However, if you do that, you’ll just end up with the same old content that everyone else has. Far better to use this list of 101 ideas for blog posts to help you brainstorm something new for your blog that fits with your strategic plan. And if your key target audience is the UK, you can link posts to these key dates that actually mean something to UK readers.

Put the needs of your readers first, think about what worries and hopes they have this autumn 2023, and start brainstorming. You’ll be able to write content that they’ll want to read as it speaks to them.

And there’s no time like the present to get planning and writing for your autumn 2023 blog relaunch!

10 fresh blog ideas for autumn 2023 with leaves

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